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About Our Company

Established in 2014 with a team of more than 10 years of experience providing equipment in the oil and gas, energy, shipbuilding industries, Minh Duc Technical Services Co., Ltd (MiDtech) is where customers put full trust for all commercial needs.

With the index of 100% of the entire contract being tested and accepted on time, MiDtech always ensures the delivery schedule of goods to customers at all times.

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Vision and Mission

With the vision of becoming a unified equipment and service provider in the key industry group of Vietnam, MiDtech is gradually building trust of customer through each contract, each order that it performs.

With the slogan “Supply on trust”, MiDtech always considers completing work on schedule as the top task of the business.

MiDtech understands and accompanies customers in the context of a market that requires dynamism and creativity in the supply chain.

“MiDtech – Supply On Trust



System maintenance and calibration

Equipment, maintainnace and calibration: Air compressor, Electrical & Lab equipment.


maintenance consulting services, technology line improvement

Process, Heat Exchangers, Chillers, Separators … Maintenance and Renovation Service

Professional industrial cleaner in protective uniform cleaning floor of food processing plant. Cleaning services.

Sanitary Industry

With a professional cleaning team, we always bring you the most perfect working environment


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